Field, the Global Freelance Marketplace for Telecom engineers & businesses and the Fastest Growing Start-up with a Global Workforce in 180 Countries. Field engineer is an incredible stage for organisations and skilled engineers who need to be free from old fashioned recruitment obstacles. The skilled professional engineers listed at Field engineer are available on demand. Freelance Wireless Site Survey Specialists are trained professionals who are involved in the survey proposed for wireless network installations. A wireless site survey alternatively called as RF site survey or wireless survey is the process of planning and designing a wireless setup. The survey typically consists of a site visit to run investigations to regulate the presence of RF interference and categorize most favorable installation positions for access sockets. This needs a study of building floor plans, physical inspection of the site, and usage of site survey techniques. Freelance Wireless Site Survey guides you implement a wireless local area network (WLAN) improved for your IT and Telecom facilities. Site Survey Specialist provides you a reasonable way to deliver the analysis, performance, capability, Quality of Service (QoS), security, and roaming competency your business requires. Wireless Site Survey services are accessible as a remote service that saves time and expenses. Freelance Wireless Site Survey Specialists